Pulse of The Day: November 4, 2020

Welcome back to The Daily Pulse!

You know, looking at this card makes me think that maybe some day, I might do this (share the energetic pulse of the day) using my voice since that seems to be something I enjoy more than the effort of typing. Of course, in typing, it allows for what is to be said to be as eloquent and as measured as one would like, which in verbal communication, can sometimes be ignored or even be impossible. Food for thought, isn't it?

Today's pulse somewhat takes me through this tangent of The Written Word versus The Verbal. Issues of censorship, using the written word to manipulate reality of lives of millions, the weight of commitment in a promise made verbally versus that made in writing... these are some of the themes that I feel as I write this looking at The Hierophant that has come out in reverse.

The Hierophant in traditional interpretation of tarot is sometimes seen as the priest and other times, as the institution, the law, the structure that defines the way society functions. There is always an unsaid code of conduct that we are initiated into as we start gaining understanding and cognition as young human beings. However, that set of rules or codes are shared, informed along with some idealistic promises of the world we inhabit and soon would be active participants in. Whether it was the golden promise of the internet versus the challenges it has shown up with in elections or algorithmic manipulation of the user, or the promise of globalisation and with it, the 'American dream' that held the imaginations of young, newly independent nations, ravaged by European colonisation, versus the challenges of climate change, unfair trade and so on.

Today's pulse captures the essence of where we are as a civilisation. We are in the middle of upturning a whole structure that is dated, oppressive and simply put, dysfunctional. It is not an easy process. So if you find yourself today, a little numbed out, a little exhausted and questioning where you are headed, inhale DEEPLY and release because this is a longer process and for you to do your best, you need to take moments of rest, marvel at how far you have come, and how far you hope to go and not force it when resting is radical change.

Until tomorrow!

I am a writer, artist and tarot reader using all of these mediums to help integrate the human being's internal and external worlds. My hope through this stack is to help leave one thought of hope daily for my readers.