Pulse of the Day (08.11.2020): Allowing Flow

Hi and welcome back to The Daily Pulse!

What is the emotion that comes up when you read / hear the word, femininity?

Is it mother, gentle, soft, kindness, nurturer?
Or, is it scary, weak, needing to be tamed, shunned, abandoned?

I would leave that with you to consider taking the time to delve into the conceptions of femininity that you carry within you, and those that you believe you carry within you? Some questions to help: Is there a gap between the two? Or do they coincide? Again, no set answers.

More often than not however, your conception of femininity that you believe and the one you carry have a greater chance of being divorced from each other. Of course, they are deeply linked to each other but the separation comes from everything in between nature and nurture. If you’ll look close enough, there is rarely a neat separation between the two seemingly opposite forces that we tend to define femininity to be, some of which I have listed above.

The Queen of Swords is the feminine aspect that is meticulous in her thought, in her embodiment of herself. (Remember, the feminine here is not the gender or gendered identity. Divisive gender binary is a construct.) As I see this card today and think of the feminine, this thought comes to me: when I think of the nurturing aspect associated often with the feminine, it doesn’t represent any of limitations of being the nurturer that are stereotyped and applied to traditional definitions of being a caregiver, nurturer, parent (usually, mother). Softness does not exist in isolation from a steely will to be able to take hard decisions and keep a bird’s eye view over a situation to do what's best for all there is. Pray tell me, how would that be effective nurturing if softness implied weakness? How is softness even co-listed with weakness? Such a simple thing and how misconstrued it is, isn’t it?

To nurture, to care, to protect, to build are all aspects of potential that each one of us carries within us in unique forms of our expression. Today's pulse asks you to sit with yourself and allow yourself to witness where your femininity is limited by definitions that are angular, rigid and frankly, incorrect and even harsh. We are all beings capable of flowing between toughness and softness based on the need of the hour. Where has your conception of femininity (and masculinity) limited your ability to flow and embody yourself as a whole? What is the impact of the same?

I’d say today’s pulse is a call to soften the edges without fearing that you will lose form. That within you that is the authentic part of you, can never be lost. If you’ll allow, you’ll perhaps discover a whole new form as well.

Until tomorrow!

I am a writer, artist and tarot reader using all of these mediums to help integrate the human being's internal and external worlds. My hope through this stack is to help leave one thought of hope daily for my readers.