Pulse of the Day (09.11.2020): Long Staying Abundance

Welcome back!

Before I get into expanding on today's pulse, let me share a story with you that will probably serve as an anecdote for the central message today.

In my garden, I decided to experiment with a set of vegetable plants. It didn't seem like they would grow but they did. On the surface of it, it looked good that there was a plant and was bearing fruit. However, the fruit didn't look okay to me and when I cut into it, I realised that it was already rotting on the inside. Upon investigation, I realised that due to incessant rainfall, there was excess water that had led to the plant rotting in some places and causing it to be so deep that the new fruit was rotting too. Eventually, after no way of 'medicating' the plant worked, I had to uproot it so that it does not spread the rot around.

On the surface of it today's pulse is pretty straightforward - your physical manifestations / abundance are a direct reflection of your inner abundance. Lets get deeper though.

The pentacles suit in a tarot deck symbolises that which is physical, tangible, manifest. Whether it is your physical body, your home and work environment or pretty simplistically, your money and/or resources, the pentacles suit speak of one or all of these elements depending on where you are on a given day.

This card while traditionally, captures the pride of having made something of one's own accord, the celebration of the fruits of one's labour. However, does success only encapsulate the final result or outcome? Unfortunately, in social conception, yes. For example, when someone says they want to be a professional artist, the measure of success seems to often be focused on the final painting. Or, if you studied to get an MBA, then success is equated to getting the degree in your hands.

This card definitely asks you to celebrate all of that. However, it further asks you to widen the focus of the spotlight to include the process that has taken you to get to the end. When pop psychology says that your physical manifestations are a direct result of how you feel on the inside, what they miss elaborating on is that there is a story, and even a history behind every achievement, success, event or even what one may call a failure. True abundance comes from honouring that history and the BTS of all that goes into bringing the final result out.

It sounds simple but we often are remiss in doing this for ourselves or anyone else. That pretty much takes away our ability to understand and harness our talents, skills and strengths while helping our weaknesses or healing our wounds leading a certain stagnation in what our physical reality looks like as well. So today, make sure your achievements and lessons are tallied up both on the inside and outside.

I am a writer, artist and tarot reader using all of these mediums to help integrate the human being's internal and external worlds. My hope through this stack is to help leave one thought of hope daily for my readers.