Pulse of the Day (12.11.2020): Of Endings

Welcome back to the The Daily Pulse!

Ah, today's pulse feels slightly heavy folx. This card traditionally represents leaving people behind. When experienced from a higher point of view, leaving at the right moment to honour the old and the incoming changes is a great thing. Especially when done the right way. When experienced in a heavier, low vibe way, this can show up as deception, sneaking out and away, betrayal.

With this pulse, I'm sensing endings and changes in relationships (personal or professional). Sort of reminds me of the early days of quarantine when it was felt that this would either lead to deepening of love, loyalty and commitment, cementing the relationship to a new stage; or it would lead to clear splits as longer durations spent not just with the others but the self, would allow for deeper insight into who we really are outside of all the labels of what we do in this world. Seems to me that this pulse captures a bunch of separations and endings that are happening or have already happened or are lined up as we move towards the end of 2020.

Two things are of note here: one, cliched as it may be, endings are always new beginnings as much as they do hurt in the moment. Allow the processing of grief first. Two, in an ending of a personal or a professional relationship, there are usually two sides of the story - one led by the side initiating the process, the other by the one learning of it from the first. Of course, there are cases when both come together at the same time but that's not what I'm picking up today. Acknowledgment of the two sides of the same experience will ease it for both.

For the one initiating the process, I feel a sense of anxiety and dread over bringing it up, almost wanting to avoid the conversation and sneaking out so that one doesn't have to face the disappointment of being unable to stick to the commitment that was intended to last longer. If you are the one leaving, the anxiety of feeling like the 'bad person' is real, but the anxiety of continuing what doesn't feel resonant is worse. My advice to you would be to ensure fairness and clear communication, instead of avoidance, as to who you are today and how this decision aligns with that newer, more authentic version of yourself today, much to your own sadness. Honesty in this communication will allow for possible new information as well as the respect due to whatever it is that you're leaving behind.

If you are the one being left behind in a personal or professional capacity, I feel your pain over an imagined future and your investment in it, being taken away from you. I hope you can find it in yourself to process (not deny / bottle down) your sadness at the loss but also recognise that what's in alignment with your heart / journey, doesn't ever leave.

There are reasons that we come together and there are reasons why endings and separations happen. Through it all, try to do your best and keep moving. In the moment, it always feels like the pain wouldn't end or you wouldn't be able to move forward. But night does change to day. Endings are beginnings for they create space for new. Once you've processed the loss, gather yourself and listen in, where would you like to go next?

I am a writer, artist and tarot reader using all of these mediums to help integrate the human being's internal and external worlds. My hope through this stack is to help leave one thought of hope daily for my readers.