Pulse of the Day (13.11.2020): Speaking of Generosity

Welcome back to The Daily Pulse!

What a lovely energy to be sharing with you today as India celebrates the festival of Dhanteras - which is related to the topic of wealth.

Attached below is a screenshot of Google-curated top stories on Dhanteras taken a minute ago:

What I find fascinating is the story in the middle - prescriptions of what you absolutely should not purchase on the occasion of this festival - essentially, an idea of fear of "doing it wrong". Of course, the other two aren't too far behind in teaching you about the festival and what it should entail according to experts who I do not know considering I decided to not click on the links.

Why am I talking about all of this in today's pulse? To help set context for what I will share on the idea of generosity, charity and the act of giving. The six of pentacles in the tarot deck is about balanced giving. A few days ago, the pulse had resonated along the singular message of "abundance is an inside job." What this inside job of abundance looks like in action, is what today's pulse captures.

When you are abundant of spirit, sharing feels good, irrespective of how much material you may (or may not) have. That also then allows for better decision making, and an overall good sense in ensuring that when you are giving, you are not giving beyond your capacity. (The giving could be of any form of resource - money, goods, time, energy.) When your conception of abundance is fraught with fear, you may tend to give more than what you can afford to or not at all, trying to hoard everything for yourself out of a fear of scarcity.

This year has been hard on everyone in varying degrees and forms across the socio-economic make up of society. My wish for you today is that you find the meaning of the festival of Dhanteras in the wealth of your spirit, developing your ability to share with those who may be struggling tangibly, as well as those who struggle with the idea of balanced, empowered sharing. One advice would definitely be to ensure knowing where what you give goes, how it impacts those who you give on ground, to develop a practice of not just fiscal discipline, but also hopefully a more impactful, encouraging change-making practice of giving.

Until tomorrow!

I am a writer, artist and tarot reader using all of these mediums to help integrate the human being's internal and external worlds. My hope through this stack is to help leave one thought of hope daily for my readers.