Pulse of the Day (16.11.2020): Easy Does It

Welcome back!

When I saw this card for the pulse of the day, the hindi word "manjhdaar" came to my mind. For those who may not know what the word means, it refers to being in the middle of the water, trying to wade through it directionless, but certain of wanting to move. Almost like halting on the journey and a pause feeling like a stop.

That's somewhat what today's pulse and the advice for it speaks of. Temperance is a very strong card that calls for the need for patience to be developed as we await the next move, the next chapter, a change, a beginning. I know, I know that to ask for someone to remain patient in a year like 2020 is not easy, and in fact, intolerable for many. I am right there with you.

While we are ending a cycle right now, we are also beginning anew and when we are beginning something after the long heavy pause that this year (or maybe longer) has been, one theoretically imagines that it would happen like in a story on TV - one day a plot line ends, the next day the character moves on. But, thats not life. Besides, the display of time experience is warped in a narrative like that, highlighting milestones, rather than when the characters are grinding on the daily.

Back to the message however, Temperance says that we are learning collectively to straddle the tough middle point of trust and measured action - far between the extremes of paranoia and naïveté. And that is a lot! When you are not used to approaching life a certain way, and when you are learning it, it has its own learning curve! If you find yourself getting impatient with yourself or anyone around you at how much time they are taking today, allow yourself to imagine how you would treat a child learning new things - would you be harsh and criticise them for "not being fast / smart / good / sorted enough" or would you develop a nurturing patience encouraging the development of the child that is a process in and of itself? If you find yourself struggling to find hope, recall this card and its message that the sun is rising on the horizon, that movement is happening even if on the surface it is painfully slow.

Until tomorrow!

I am a writer, artist and tarot reader using all of these mediums to help integrate the human being's internal and external worlds. My hope through this stack is to help leave one thought of hope daily for my readers.