Pulse of the Day (18.11.2020): 'Humanise Me, Baby'

Welcome back to The Daily Pulse!

Themes of today's pulse include: shunning the standard weight of expectation and norm, surrendering the crown laden with hidden thorns of oppressive rules, terms and conditions to remain in public honour. To sum up the pulse's mood, I have attached the song that kept on ringing in my ears as I tapped into this message: Lizzo's 'Humanise'; "Humanise me, baby". Don't commodify me.

The six of wands in the tarot deck speaks of victory, prestige, social recognition. This card sometimes also speaks of the individual loneliness in the middle of social celebration, or a sense of gap between what people see you and want to see you as, versus how you feel on the inside, your authentic humanity.

There is a whole tangent on day to day dehumanising experiences of commodification and expectation that we all go through and honestly, that we all put others through. I shall save it for another time and date since that would take much longer and a deeper conversation.

This card today speaks to me LOUDLY of being called to shed expectations, labels and adopted perceptions about your sense of public / social dignity and worth, as well as limitations on what you can do, how you can be, or any dictations on how you get to experience life. An analogy that came to my mind was: if standing atop a bed of nails is what gains you public honour, but no sense of self-fulfilment, no sense of self-actualisation, in fact, the nails and the blood not leaving you with any sense of personal meaning, you are being asked to dare to ask yourself why you are still doing it? How does public recognition devoid of personal satisfaction and meaning, work for you personally? How long will it work? Do you want to continue engaging in existing without living? Circumstance or time may have brought you here, but if that feeling of void or inner loneliness is getting louder, could you find a way to step away for a minute and find something that does bring you a deeper sense of fulfilment?

In lieu of this analogy, it may seem like this is more about career and work, but the wands in tarot speak of life-giving energy, passion, creativity, that inner fire that burns joyfully when we engage in living in a way closest to our authentic humanity. Hence, I would encourage you to apply this to any situation - the neighbourhood you live in, the kind of social gatherings you go to, the kind of relationships, communication styles etc. you engage in, basically, any way that you participate in and see the world.

Today's pulse encourages you to find courage in your heart to own, accept your inner truth; especially if it is divergent from what your physical and social appearance and the dignity, worth, success that may have come from this appearance. It is never too late to change paths. In fact, at this point of rapid change in 2020, it is encouraged to take that detour that calls out to you.

Until tomorrow!

Now, letting Lizzo take you further in.

I am a writer, artist and tarot reader using all of these mediums to help integrate the human being's internal and external worlds. My hope through this stack is to help leave one thought of hope daily for my readers.