Pulse of the Day (21.11.2020): Money Matters

Welcome back to The Daily Pulse!

Today's pulse is very different from yesterday's. The central theme today is money. The King of Pentacles in tarot is about someone who has worked their way to abundance, or in the way we look at money and life, someone who has "made it" and has all those things that keep the world running - a comfortable house, luxurious clothing, good food and... a sense of power.

While there are a range of messages, that I get from this card today, the key goal of today's pulse captures some review and assessment of your personal relationship with money and power. It may be that there's a set way that livelihood has been coming your way or that you felt it to be the only way, but it feels like you're looking for deeper meaning behind it all and possible alternatives to the current status.

When we are children, we are taught that money comes from work - and while the experience of it is variable, the basic concept of money and work remains stagnant and all over. Up until March 2020 perhaps, you (we) were indifferent to how you were working because that was part of your training that said, "to get to point A, I have to do this or be that". But, that version of the rulebook and reality has flipped overnight.

While initially adjustment to the lockdown and everything with it, was tough, now is the time to allow questions around "is this really working for me?" and "do I really see myself do this for the next five years?" to surface.

If you have been one of those who has earned well enough following one of the many coaches on the internet, or just your own plan, the question this card poses for you is, what do you do with it? Do you imitate what others have done or do with their abundance? Or, is there something else that would be uniquely your way of finding contentment?

On the other hand, if you have been struggling financially, this energy asks you to ask similar questions around your inherited relationship with money? Is there a hard set belief around money that feels too sensitive and not something you are willing to change? That may be where some work needs to be done.

Was money scarce growing up? Was it too much and unconscious? Are there moral attachments to your understanding of money that stop you from having a comfortable life? Whatever it is, try to detach and understand what's not working because whatever that is, it is limiting your abundance.

Money and physical resources are part of how we participate in this world. If any kind of polarised relationship with it (be it the hoarding, acquiring one or the absolute rejection of money burdened with hate and guilt) was right or good, then income inequality would have long been done away with. Corrupt systems thrive on corrupted emotional programming that attaches power or judgment to money. Depending on wherever you are in your life, you can and have the right to find the way to manifest how much ever and whatever you need without injustice, judgment, guilt, shame or greed.

I am a writer, artist and tarot reader using all of these mediums to help integrate the human being's internal and external worlds. My hope through this stack is to help leave one thought of hope daily for my readers.