Pulse of the Day (22.11.2020): Playful Movement

Hi and welcome back!

The way I do readings on here is by picking up the messages or the mood of the card I receive and generalise it as much as I can so as to encapsulate as many different scenarios as possible so that it benefits more of those who find this. Today's pulse has a flow of a story of finding hope and a sense of deepening trust in oneself, similar to laying the foundation stone for the construction of your life. One thing I would like you to note is that the flow / timing of this message may be variable depending on where you are on the path, you may have already lived through this or are living through it or will find yourself move to it in the coming year. Whatever be the case, take time to join the dots in your situation after this reading.

The Page of Wands is my card for infinite hope in one's passion and the will power to make a heart's desire into something tangible. It is also an energy of remembering each time you have risen from the depths of despair as a note of your true ability to move through challenges, your support systems and your inner resilience. It also however, tells me that when you are deeply committed to your heart and your inner voice, often, this bit of clawing your way out of a bend is something that comes from a more powerful place, instead of a (sometimes un)necessarily tragic one. What I mean by that is that you are moving into a part of your life where you do not have to wait for rock bottom to rise above your difficulties indicative of the closing of a massive karmic cycle.

This card speaks to me of a beginning that comes at the tail end of a journey that had to be undertaken to find forgotten passions, and even lost joy, to come to clarity of the heart and find your way into the new. Perhaps, it began with heartbreak over something not having worked out, which led you to inner child healing which helped to shut out the pretences of adulthood to tune into being and doing things that bring real joy to the inner child within you (banana bread baking anyone?). This inner joy then becomes the window into a period of deeper introspection to discern make sense of what really matters to you now, and how could you do and be more of that. And that's where the Page looks at understanding and trusting the uncertain future with a sense of joyous hope.

You could apply this to your way of relating with someone specific or the world at large, your work-based identity (perhaps a career change is in the works). Or, perhaps you've been wanting to move to a new place and not been able to just yet, or you are changing something about your body or identity, and so on. Whatever it is, this card says that you're being called to align your heart with your outer reality. I'm here for it all, considering this Page has been that sort of a moment for me as well. Wherever you're going, I'm sending you my best.

Until tomorrow!

I am a writer, artist and tarot reader using all of these mediums to help integrate the human being's internal and external worlds. My hope through this stack is to help leave one thought of hope daily for my readers.